Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sweet Love

As I looked-
into her eyes-
my heart she took-
like the rain from the sky!
A love so pure-
from deep inside her!
this love-
was given to me-
from above!
Can you see?
I am blessed-
my soul does she possess!
Sweet and naive-
and quite shy-
with a heart-
bigger than the sky!
I imagine her dreams-
the treasures they hold!
To me she seems-
to never grow old!
Through many years-
I’ve never feared-
she would leave me-
she loves me you see!
To have and to hold-
in my vows I told!
‘Till death will we stay-
forever and a day!
Never apart-
to end from the start!
My partner in life-
never no strife!
From heaven above-
came my cherished love!
As I lay myself to sleep-
my dreams of her I’ll keep!
When I wake-
her love I’ll take!
Duke Sherman

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