Saturday, January 22, 2011


nikki lockhart
My little Nikki!
You are now nineteen,
the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen!
If I’d had my way,
a long ago day,
you would’ve been my baby!
Your mom was quite a lady!
She was your age when I met her,
and I loved her for sure!
I wish we could’ve been together,
I would’ve made it last forever!
I remember her walking down the road,
just 19 years old!
A smile on her face,
and waked with such grace!
A Cow Girl’s hat on,
I was mystified at this phenomenon!
What a Beautiful woman,
I wanted to be her man!
But ‘twas not our fate,
but I’ve loved her to this date!
I think of her every day,
she’s on my mind always!
You could’ve been my little girl,
Mine, the “Duke of Earl”s!
I’lll always love you,
of this you can be sure!
I’ll be there always,
for all of your days!
Your could’ve been Daddy!
Duke Sherman

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